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I thought this was a sort of romantic image, the two of them. We actually did it with real fire, but their hands were all gelled up and you could tell, so this was added in CGI and it looks beautiful. I thought it was a nice comment on their relationship. But what I basically told [Sarah and James] was: “Play the romance. Be proud of him. Love him when you say you love him. Love her when you say she doesn’t love you. Forget about the crumbling world. For that period of time, it doesn’t exist.” It’s a cinematic trick, but it’s a necessary emotional one. - Joss Whedon

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ok but if there is a thor movie with the new thor i already have a fancasting



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Heliamphora nutans by Beth Phillip

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You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.

Eliezer Yudkowsky 

Being a “product of their times” is no excuse. Never let someone off the hook for bigotry. 

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There’s no point to a guy yelling, “Hey sexy baby” at me out of the passenger window of a car as it speeds past. Even if I was into creepy misogynists and wanted to give him my number, I couldn’t. The car didn’t even slow down. But that’s okay, because he wasn’t actually hitting on me. The point wasn’t to proposition me or chat me up. The only point was to remind me, and all women, that our bodies are his to stare at, assess, comment on, even touch. “Hey sexy baby” is the first part of a sentence that finishes, “this is your daily message from the patriarchy, reminding you that your body is public property”.
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And don’t underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAGE
Cosplayer: srawr
The Little Mermaid
ACEN 2014

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14 incredible facts about Michelle Obama on her 50th birthday

She’s such an inspiration :-D

Love it!

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saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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This is Terrifying: Why Isn’t Anyone Worried?

More from POGO on the serious failures in our nuclear weapons command.

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… with different degrees of struggles that we’re implemented by the pale skin via conquests using weapons such as warfare, religion indoctrination, and oppression. And then after pale skin set systems like this into our society, they go around and say things like “We are all human” and confuse “racism” with “prejudice” so that they can keep the system the same way for many years to come.

Shots fired.

You totally missed the point of this, didn’t you?

That were all human? No. What you missed is that it’s a dismissive phase that a lot of people like to say at times to dismiss arguments like the one you clearly missed.

Some of us can’t afford to live on fantasy island.

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Jason Webley has launched a Kickstarter for an album based on the life and writings of Margaret Rucker, featuring him and contributing artists: Jherek Bischoff, Zac Pennington, Led to Sea, Shenandoah Davis, Eliza Rickman, Lonesome Leash, Mts & Tunnels, and Chicken John Rinaldi.

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Top 10 Arrested Development Characters [As Voted by My Followers]

Honorable Mention: Lucille Austero

That’s one call per day, isn’t it? Gee, I should think he’d want to save that for his lawyer.

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Daria forever.

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