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Motoi Yamamotos Incredible Saltscapes

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto sees more uses in salt than the ordinary person. His artwork stems from the death of his sister, who passed away at a young age from brain cancer. In Japanese culture there is an idea of throwing salt over yourself after you attend a funeral acts as a sort of cleansing. So Yamamoto started using salt as his medium, creating intricate labyrinths and mazes as he calls them. Not only does Motoi create intricate patterns but full scale installations as well.

There’s also a beautiful book by Motoi that showcases some of his art called Return to the Sea: Saltscapes by Motoi Yamamoto.

Watch the video:

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I met this twerking, albino Raven named Pearl today. It is only one of four known albino Ravens in the whole world.

Pearl lives in this woman’s house. The handler has a permit, and the bird is property of the government (like hawks and falcons). She is affiliated with the California Wildlife Center. Every time the handler stopped petting Pearl she started cawing. She really likes affection.

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CDA preview: “Virginia is for Lovers, Kill MJP”

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Andrew Scott draws Dominic West +

I received the drawing he did of himself! It’s adorable! :)

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The Great British Bake Off: a summary

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what deal?

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do we have a deal? i need an answer. right now.

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No Bake Coffee Cream Squares

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I want you to look at me, I want you all to look at me. We’ll be wearing

black for you. Think about them, think about them right now. And fight if you

want to, but that baby ain’t movin’ anywhere, and neither am I.

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